A new free open source transport simulator that is MSTS compatible! It's still in heavy development but downloadable now to have a go, including source. Find out at more at - Still a LONG way to go before this is finished, so don't expect things to work without issues and be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get technical with it, it's *not* really meant for end-user usage yet.
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  • OpenRails Home
    The OpenRails home page, check here regularly for updates and news.
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  • Developers: XNA Creators Home
    OpenRails is developed using the XNA Framework - this is the link to the XNA Creators Home where you can get your own copy of the framework, read tutorials, see examples and really get up to speed with it.
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  • Developers: Visual Studio Express Editions
    If you're interested in contributing, you'll need Visual Studio for C# - if you don't have or can't afford the normal editions you don't need to - Microsoft produce "Express" editions completely free of charge that will do everything you need for this project. A great way to learn C# and help contribute to the project.
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  • Developers: Reimers XNA Tutorials
    If you're considering taking the plunge and learning to use XNA, then this is the place to start. Once you've got Visual Studio C# and XNA installed, Reimers goes through loads of topics in superb detail starting with 2D games and going through to some advanced techniques in 3D programming - including just how easy XNA makes it. He also has a couple of books that are well worth a read if you get sufficiently interested!
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  • [OR] Help for Beginners
    This sim is a brand new, free game engine built on a Windows XNA foundation. It breathes new life into MSTS content as OpenRails is backwards compatible with MSTS routes, activities, and train sets. It's actively in development and approaching v1.0. Please visit the OpenRails web site for minimum HW specifications and software dependencies. The best way to participate is to ask questions as many members of the OpenRails development team participate in the forums.
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  • [OR] General OpenRails Discussion
    Have you given it a go? Post your experiences, particularly things that worked well. Let the team know what works and doesn't work as they cannot test the software with every combination of routes, activities and content available for MSTS. OpenRails is actively being improved and is quickly approaching v1.0. This is a great place to discuss what you can do with OpenRails.
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  • [OR] Screenshots

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  • [OR] Development
    This simulator is developed in C# using the Microsoft XNA Framework 3.1. This forum is for developers to discuss what's happening and what issues are being found or for other technical discussions. This forum will be unashamedly full of developer-waffle and may be gibberish to non-developers :)
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